Colloidal Silver Health Benefits – 5 Facts Backed by Science

health benefits of colloidal silver

Silver has been a staple component of natural treatment doctrines for thousands of years already, used as an antiseptic, antibiotic, and immunity booster. It’s safe, affordable, and utterly effective, but what does modern science say on the matter? What are the confirmed colloidal silver health benefits and are there any side effects to its miracles?

After reading this article, you’ll know why millions of people around the world (including me) always keep a bottle or two of colloidal silver in their homes. And maybe you’ll even want to join the club!

For starters: what is colloidal silver and how does it work?

A colloid is a mixture which consists of a non-solid base (a gas, a liquid, a foam, or a gel) and insoluble particles of another substance dispersed throughout it. For example, milk is a water colloid of butterfat, smoke is a gaseous colloid of ash and tar, and clouds are a gaseous colloid of water particles.

Likewise, colloidal silver is usually a liquid or a gel with microscopic particles of pure silver spreaded throughout it. The difference between silver colloids and silver salts (like silver nitrate) is that the latter are chemically derived from silver, yet have little in common with it.

The bactericidal effect of silver is explained by:

  1. Its adhesion to the cellular walls of bacteria and outer surface of viruses. Silver is able to modify the electrical surface of the germs, making them much more vulnerable to external factors including your own immune system.

  2. Its ability to invade the bacterial cells and damage their inner machinery.

  3. Its immunomodulatory effects. Few studies are available on this matter, but it seems that silver can reduce inflammation and alleviate allergies by making proper adjustments in the cells of your immune system.

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5 scientifically proven health benefits of colloidal silver

scientific research of colloidal silver

  1. Cure common cold

More than 80% of common cold cases are viral infections, and colloidal silver can effectively treat those as well! This is especially great for kids, as they tend to catch the condition somewhat more often than adults. A 2011 study consisted of children with common cold syndrome that received either colloidal silver or saline solution (water and salt) to treat their condition. The results:

  • With colloidal silver: 90% of the patients recovered, 10% experienced complications (from the disease, not from silver) like tracheitis, otitis, and bronchitis.

  • Without colloidal silver: 66% recovered, 34% had complications.

How to use: tilt your head backwards and put 3-5 drops of colloidal silver into each nostril using a clean dropper. Repeat 2-3 times a day until symptoms improve.

  1. Treat ear infections

Studies have confirmed that silver has powerful bactericidal properties that beat out even some conventional drugs. One of its most common applications is in treating ear infections, particularly otitis media. The reason why colloidal silver is so great for this matter is that it kills not only the present bacteria (like traditional antibiotics do), but also the viruses and even fungi. It’s always hard to tell which was the specific germ that caused your infection, so it’s good to have all possible options covered – with a single shot.

How to use: warm the liquid to room temperature. Tilt your head or lie on your side and carefully put 1-3 drops into the affected ear. After 5 minutes of exposure, tilt your head to the opposite direction or lie on your other side to let any excess liquid out of your ear. Repeat 2-3 times a day until the condition subsides.

  1. Say goodbye to sinusitis

Colloidal silver in the form of a nasal spray brought significant relief of symptoms in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis caused by S. aureus, a rather nasty kind of bacteria. And when scientists decided to confirm this effect in the lab, they’ve found out that silver kills 98.9% of the bugs!

How to use: bend your head backwards and put 3-5 drops of silver colloid into each nostril using a clean dropper. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a day. If your colloid comes in the form of a nasal spray, apply 1-2 squeezes of it into each nostril 2-3 times a day.

  1. Heal your wounds faster

Sometimes colloidal silver comes in form of gel rather than liquid, and this can be quite handy in certain cases. By applying it to a wound, you can be sure that it will inhibit up to 100% of the microorganisms present in the injury, thus promoting a much faster regeneration.

How to use: generously apply colloidal silver to clean the wound from dirt, blood and tissue fragments. Repeat 2-3 times a day if exudate in the wound is present. If your colloid is in gel form, gently apply it to the wound 2 times a day.

  1. Treat burns effectively

Silver colloids were traditionally used to treat burns before the advent of antibiotics. In the 1960s they were replaced by silver salts (such as silver nitrate), but these ones are somewhat more toxic and slow down the healing of wounds. Therefore, colloidal silver is still a safer approach.

How to use: rinse the wound with colloidal silver, or soak a bandage in the liquid and gently apply to the wound. As an alternative, you can put a couple of drops of the colloid on your usual Band-Aid and either let dry or apply still wet.


Colloidal silver side effects

As a rule, colloidal silver does not have any side effects when administered and taken properly, but there is a couple of important things to keep in mind.

A long-term or high-dose exposure to silver results in a condition known as argyria or argyrosis. This side effect is very rare, usually affecting only people who work with silver on an industrial scale or take an absurd amount of the substance for treating a certain disease.

Argyria is not dangerous, but it surely is quite dramatic, as it makes a person’s skin and mucous membranes acquire a grey or blueish tone. 

In other words, taking too much silver can turn you into a Smurf (or Silver Surfer, whomever you like most), and this isn’t treatable. Not dangerous, but neither pretty.

Here’s a list of safety measures you should keep in mind while using colloidal silver:

  • DO NOT inhale or drink your colloidal silver for the treatment of respiratory or gastrointestinal diseases. This substance is safe to use topically on the skin and wounds, as it isn’t absorbed there, but not recommended to take internally. Ear drops, nasal drops, and sprays are safe due to the minuscule amount of substance administered (3-5 drops at most).

  • DO NOT use colloidal silver for long periods of time. As a rule, you should aim for a 10 days’ maximum. This period is enough for the beneficial effects to manifest, but not even close to put you at risk of going blue.

  • Although certain sources say that using colloidal silver for the treatment of eye infections is generally safe, I do not recommend trying it. Prolonged use of silver-containing solutions to treat eye conditions results in localized argyria of the conjunctiva.

In other words: yes, taking a huge dose of silver will turn you into a Smurf, but here’s the trick. Drinking 8 liters of plain water in a single day can also kill you (that’s called water toxicity), yet no one in their sane mind would do that. Likewise, people don’t binge on silver and no one gets blue.

The bottom line

Colloidal silver is one of the most powerful and effective natural antibiotics and antiseptics that I know of, and it’s great that so many scientific studies were conducted to confirm these feats.

It speeds up wound healing, improves regeneration of burns, treats all kinds of infections and has virtually zero side effects. Of course, you should still take it carefully and follow appropriate safety measures, but all in all, it’s an incredibly safe and effective natural remedy that I absolutely recommend for everyone to have at home. Try it once and you’ll know what I mean. If your interested in trying colloidal silver as a ready to hand, fix-all remedy you can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

You will find lot’s of similar brands that are selling colloidal silver but the one that is tried and tested for me is Sovereign Silver. It is the leading brand in colloidal silver, providing quality and affordability to people looking for a cure-all natural home remedy.

Please feel free to share your experiences of using colloidal silver or if you have any questions about using it for a specific ailment, just leave a comment in the section below.

Stay healthy!

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  1. Colloidal silver sounds amazing. I have been hearing so many health benefits related to sliver lately, I had no idea. Have you ever heard of Norwex? I don’t understand how it works, but they somehow weave silver into the fabric of cleaning clothes, and you don’t have to use soap or detergent, the silver somehow does it for you. I probably don’t have the 100% right, but something along those lines. Anyway, Colloidal silver sounds like something that most everyone can use. From ear infections, the common cold (which I am trying to get over), to wounds, I will absolutely give this a try. It’s amazing how many natural substances out there that support the immune system. Thanks for sharing this post, it has been very informative.

    • Thanks for your comment Steve, silver has been used for centuries as a cure for many ailments and just because of modern medicines, mustn’t be forgotten. I haven’t heard of Norwex Steve but it has peaked my interest and will certainly be looking into this.

      It’s great to hear that you are going to give colloidal silver a go, I expect you to be pleased with its versatility and effectiveness.

  2. I have sinusitis and my friend also had good results with it at back then I did not know about it but I will definitely give colloidal silver to a shot.

    • Thank you for commenting, it’s great to hear that you going to give colloidal silver a shot, I’m sure that you will be pleased with the results and will always have a bottle store in the cupboard.

  3. I work outdoors so i know how the common cold can settle in when it gets to that point. ive never heard of this before and happy to come across something that has alot benefits.


    • Thanks for your comment Terei. Colloidal silver really does have so many uses, it will most definitively be helpful in clearing a cold for you. Try it out.

  4. What a fascinating product. I’ve heard of it being advertised on the radio in the past, but have never paid much attention to it. I can’t believe how many different ailments it can treat. Thanks for recommending a specific brand as well, it’s nice to be pointed in the right direction especially when there’s so many inferior brands out there. Thanks for sharing. cheers, Karen

    • Thank you for your positive feedback Karen. It really is a versatile product and is a staple of my medicine cabinet. Also you are right about inferior brands and Sovereign silver is a trusted brand with proven results.

  5. Hi Lee, Thank you for such great information about Colloidal Silver. I had no idea that it might help with my chronic sinusitis. Very fascinating stuff here. I will be looking for it very soon.

    • Hi Riley, sorry to hear about your chronic sinusitis problem. As you have just read in the article, colloidal silver is a very effective tool in combating sinusitis and should bring you some relief with your issue. Thanks for commenting and wishing you all the best in treating sinusitis.

  6. I’m really glad I found your article. Who’d have known that something like silver could help with the common cold? Wow. Nice article!

    • I’m happy to hear that you found this post helpful. I think our ancestor’s new the benefits of using silver but now with modern day medicines we have seemed to have forgotten. All the best Eric and stay healthy.

  7. I’ve always been a little leery of colloidal silver because I didn’t understand it, but your article put it in perspective. I didn’t realize all the uses for it and especially that it is good for topical use. I have an all -natural medicine cabinet and I’m going to add this product to it!

    • Hi Linda thanks for commenting. There is always a bottle in my medicine cabinet and it will make a great addition to yours aslo.

  8. I have been fighting an inner ear infection in both ears for literally 2 months causing me to have substantial hearing loss and other issues. I have been taking Augmentin, steroids, steroid nasal sprays, and ear drops. Nothing works and my ears still hurt and I still have all the issues that comes with this. That being said, this is something I have to try! I am really getting stressed out over the fact that on a daily basis nothing improves 🙁

    • That sounds terrible, having to live with the symptoms of an ear infection for over two months. If you have tried all those options and still found no relieve then you should try something new. Here’s a link for other potential ear infection treatments
      Through my experience I would recommend the colloidal silver, not just because of its effectiveness but also its versatility. Hope this helps and please return to share how you finally was able to treat you inner ear infection

  9. Hi Lee,
    colloidal silver seems to be an amazing and safe treatment to many common health issues. Specifically with winter approaching soon, it should be worth trying against cold, ear infection and so on. I’ve known of silver nitrate for cauterization but this one is new to me. I’m glad to discover it.

    • Hi Huguens, now would be an excellent time to stock up on colloidal silver with winter approaching. One thing is for sure, it will certainly not go untouched with all of its potential uses. Thanks for commenting, all the best.

  10. Hello Lee. I have never heard of this product. I am a fan of natural healing. I have been on medications long term and it has caused more damage than good. Because I still have to take them. After reading this review I am inclined to purchase it immediately. Your article was well written, very informative and to the point. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Kris, thank you for such positive feedback. I have also written a couple of articles about the long term side effects of medications and how we over use them. It’s great that you are a fan of natural healing and I’m glad to have introduced you to colloidal silver. It’s has a wide range of uses and really does work wonders with many ailments.

  11. Hi, for the first time I heard about this product. Thanks for explaining. Sure i suggest to many.

    • Hi Praveen, please do share this knowledge with your friends and family. It has so many uses and health benefits, that it is worth trying it out.

  12. It’s a shame that I’m only now discovering Colloidal Silver. I wonder how something that has been used for such a long time has managed to keep a very-low profile.

    I have a few hunches.

    I think that as we all become more aware of the old fashion ways of treating issues the better off we all become. It’s no secret that prolonged usage of pills is really hard on our bodies.

    I’m going to be adding this to my cupboard. I work a lot with welders and I get burnt often. That throbbing pain is a bit uneasy. I’m not too concerned with the side-effects because they are all common sense. The directions on any bottle are there for our protection not to micromanage our life.

    When did you first discover Colloidal Silver? What have you used it for?

    • Hello Justin, thanks for commenting and better late than never I suppose 😊
      I couldn’t agree more about your thoughts on our forgotten knowledge of how we used to treat all sorts of ailments and our current overuse of medications. It is terribly hard on our bodies, especially when we are prescribed a cocktail of medications, each of them to help counter the side effects of another.

      My wife introduced me to collodial silver about 5 years ago. She has always believed in alternative natural methods for tackling health problems and has since converted me into this way of thinking. I had an ear infection at the time and was glad to see the symptoms clear within 36 hours of using the colloidal silver drops.

      I have fortunately never been in the position of having to use it for a burn injury but as you have read it is very effective for this type of injury.

  13. As always, I find myself coming back to your site over and over, as my ears are always going to be an issue for me. I did not know that colloidal silver had some good use that I actually NEED right now. I was researching what I could do to get rid of this inner ear infection that I have had for a month now. I am on my second round of antibiotics, and quite honestly I was excited for this second set, thinking I was on my way to recovery. Day 4 into the meds and my ear is still screaming with pain 🙁 I am ready to try anything. Do you think that this might be a way to help get rid of this infection that just does not want to go away?

    • Hi Leahrae, welcome back and so sorry to hear you are still going through these problems with your ears. The problem with antibiotics is that they cure bacterial,  and not viral infections. That could be the reason your course of antibiotics are not working. As mentioned in the article, colloidal silver works effectively with both bacterial and viral infections so this is most definitively something worth considering, especially as nothing else seems to be working for you. It would be great to hear back from you once you fond a solution for your ear infection, so please let me know what works for you. Hope you find it soon.

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